Kathy Troup is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist with a practice based on the far south coast of NSW. She works also by phone and video-conferencing.

Kathy works with older adolescents, adults and older adults. She works with clients with a broad range of problems, including

  • emotional problems such as sadness, depression, mood swings, anger or feelings of emptiness

  • anxiety, fears and difficulty coping

  • trauma and abuse issues

  • difficulties with self-esteem or a sense of self

  • psychosomatic problems

  • chronic or terminal illness

  • bereavement, loss or grief

  • eating issues and disorders

  • personality problems

  • difficulties in relating to others, whether in making or maintaining relationships, or dealing with patterns of destructive relating

  • stage-of-life issues

  • a general unhappiness with the life you are leading

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